Point and Click Adventures

Additional Information for my talk on „Point and Click Adventures“ as of May, 11zh 2017 at Cologne Game Lab.

Here you can find a Timetable of published Milestones of the Adventure Game Genre. The PDF itself has links to all listed games – most will link to Mobygames.com. Mobygames offers short descriptions, links, and metadata about many games. See for example Maniac Mansion, or The Secret Of Monkey Island.

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In Game Jokes

Here you find some funny situations, or discussions about them in Point & Click Adventures. Most entertaining may be the quarrel between LucasArts, and Sierra – the most important companies during the late 80s and early 90s in the Adventure game market.

Funny stuff in Maniac Mansion

A full cut of all video sequences from Full Throttle (YouTube, about 1 hour).


Img 1: Best twenty Point & Click Adventures (According to a study from June 2016)


Img 2: Ten memories of first Point & Click Adventure axperiences (According to a study from June 2016)


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